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Thirty Days Of Intent - Setting Intent
To kick off their adventure of 30 DAYS OF INTENT, YouTube star Iman Crosson and former professional soccer player Natalie Spilger meet with Deepak Chopra and daughter Mallika to set their intents. 
They discuss why they are here, their hopes for the journey, and their individual intents.

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Did I stumble across this, or did it stumble across me?\nEither way, it seems that at the past two critical times in my life, when I needed guidance most, Deepak Chopra has showm up....once on television, and now online.\nI plan to watch and reflect upon the lessons taught in the 30 Days of Intent and apply them to my life as much as possible.\nNow, the challenge is to think about my Intent....need to work on that first.\nI relate to both of the individuals in the series, dealing with insecurity and not fitting in, as well as being competitive and not knowing what my true purpose is after the ending of a career.
Blueskies - May 16, 2014
Wait is this real? 
Faye H - March 3, 2014
I have no clue what my true intent is . . . there are lots of things I
think I want but overall Im totally lost. How do you recognize your intent?
How do you know that this is what you want for yourself?
Piret S - October 28, 2013
Deepak Chopra is amazing and inspiring
Alex Tweedale - August 12, 2013
☆★☆... Interesante cómo intentan poner nombrecitos nuevos al Tantra... Aquí
lo llaman Meditación Orgásmica... supongo que lo hacen para llamar la
atención y evitar la palabra Tantra, que ha sido y es utilizada con abuso
por quienes solo conocen y ofrecen sexo exótico y nada más... ☆★☆
Shiva Ray - August 9, 2013
There is a Persian song about a tree which is telling the man is hitting it
with the Ax, I am worried about the tiredness of the birds. You can hit. I
am concerned with the loneliness of the travellers, hit the last stroke
even harder. This might sound like martyrdom but it is to make the man with
the ax realize that what he is doing is wrong. To remove his ignorance once
he knows what he is actually doing. The problem is, often the man with the
ax, does that and becomes successful
Amir Eghbal - June 20, 2013
I am the desire for innocence to flower and strength to be in the hand of
the innocence within as supposed to the opposite. The desire for clarity,
purity and empathy to find healthy expression. A desire to prove wrong
ignorance, a need for truth to prevail in all situations, and one that in
my presence, the truth and innocence of others as well as myself be
protected and flourish.
Amir Eghbal - June 20, 2013
Vanessa G. Turner - March 27, 2013