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Sages And Scientists - Lessons From War With Wesley Clark Part1
Wesley Clark, retired general, writer, and businessman, discusses the spiritual and emotional aspects of leadership.
In the wake of global challenges - war, climate change, poverty, and more - Clark emphasizes that we must find a way to unite science, creativity, logic and spirituality in order to find solutions. It comes down to leadership. Clark's harrowing stories from his time in service in Vietnam provide the background for his lesson on leadership, up next in Part 2.

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awesome work here`s am interesting website i enjoy visiting on a daily basis
cutis young - April 11, 2013
There is another challenge.
Jose Angel Rivera - April 10, 2013
wow, your really drifting from what is basic truth and compassion sir...
Marc Levine - April 10, 2013
And sell books no doubt
James Bono - April 10, 2013
Well, if we`re all THAT positive about this lecture why not invite the most innovative person of the Singularity University: Peter Diamandis in your country to reveal his vision for the future before the Chopra scientists, because technology really is capable to bring every one on this earth the basic needs, even when we are with 9 billion according to him. Here is the link to the website:
YourSoul - April 10, 2013
Ryan Pride - April 10, 2013
Live and act consciously rest all will align,meditation is the key, regards master.
Rohit Sharma - October 1, 2012
What the heck is this picture of someone with a weapon doing here? Get it off my screen.
Doree Citron - October 1, 2012