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Sages And Scientists - War Against the Earth with Vandana Shiva Part1

In this installment of SAGES AND SCIENTISTS, Vandana Shiva discusses agriculture, biodiversity, sustainability, and the importance of making peace with the Earth. Shiva, a philosopher, activist, author, and eco feminist, is trained as a physicist, and is particularly interested in quantum mechanics and biotechnology.

In Part 1 of her presentation, Shiva discusses her entry into the sciences, which eventually put her on a path of environmental activism. She emphasizes that we must not fall prey to a monocultural, mechanistic framework of thinking, which leads to the degradation of the planet. 

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I know a little about the commercial agriculture problems. They don`t let the land lay fallow, they don`t rotate crops. They use chemicals that deplete the soil. I appreciate this indian woman. I never liked problems. I like solutions. The problem is GREED, isn`t this so? American money is the only money in the world, that says, \"In God We Trust.\" I live in the state of Kentucky. I don`t approve of growing tobacco to make cancer sticks for people to smoke. The governor of a state, gets the taxes from cigarettes, unless this has changed? I don`t keep of with many politics, but that`s the way it always was. The Dalai Lama said, to be careful what you do for a livelihood. In other words, it`s not o.k. to do anything just to get money. At this time, I don`t really want to be a leader, or set an example, or be a pillar of the community, but I can tell you, that I don`t have children, but I`m concerned about other people`s children. So, maybe I`m an o.k. person? I would also like to say, that I like being a girl. Yes, I`m a woman, but in Kentucky, many of the guys always refer to you as a Girl, and I`m not offended in the least. I`m so happy I`m a girl. I have no desire to be a man, although my dad taught me to be friends with men. I knew when I was a teenager, that I would not bring children into the world. I figured, that there were many of them here already, who need homes. At the same time, I never wanted to be a Mother. My mother died a few years ago. But, I can be a good friend. KATIE in KENTUCKY.
Katie Mynette - October 25, 2014
Clover - October 11, 2014
I Can`t wait to share lend my voice and share my lens on this issue. This woman mirrors me. Bless her soul.
Nessurr - August 17, 2014
Sage, Clary (Salvia sclarea)\nHelichrysum italicum seeds, organic
Derek Elj - April 20, 2013
Dear Sister VS speaks truth to open hearts while the Earth`s rapists and pillagers continue assert their delusional thinking upon closed hearts and uncritical minds.
Ron Greenstein - April 17, 2013
Mn Cobo - April 17, 2013
I love this woman!!! Thank you for being the voice of the planet, our
NaturesMelody - April 16, 2013
Thank you ♥
Mária Tóth - April 16, 2013