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Sages And Scientists - The Gap Between Thoughts With Menas Kafatos Part3
Eminent physicist and author Menas Kafatos concludes his brilliant discussion of "The Riddle of Consciousness." How do we know that what we see and experience is reality?
How do we explain consciousness in the current scientific paradigm? Kafatos is joined by Deepak Chopra to explore these fascinating questions.

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What a great discussion it really gets the mind moving in all sorts of
directions. I wanted to hear more.
Charlene Pao-Watt - January 23, 2013
I do that sometimes in meditation so I can see the one who is observing and
being. But if I do this I don't get to my main aim, to be the one who is
being, wholly, not in separation. I realized it can be like looking down an
infinite hall of mirrors, only seeing reflections and never knowing the
true reality of what it actually is, which can only be known by being is
wholly, to be right at the source of it, not by looking back and observing,
but by looking forward and being that creator.
infinity2012starseed - January 22, 2013
I remember someone that said, trying to find the consciousness, the self in
the brain is like opening up a radio and trying to find the person
infinity2012starseed - January 22, 2013
Thank you
simplyone200 - January 19, 2013
So glad you enjoyed it!
The Chopra Well - January 17, 2013
Im glued to this. two legends!
Cian McGovern - January 17, 2013
Interesting! And what have you discovered?
The Chopra Well - October 17, 2012
I might have misunderstood witness consciousness, but when I insubjectively
and unobjectively realize myself, its from a third person perspective. I
separate my consciousness from my individuality and look back at it, and
can almost have a dialogue of experience with my divided consciousness. if
any of that makes sense at all. also this isn't as crazy as it sounds, its
just difficult to define.
Cassius Grey - October 16, 2012