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The Meditator - Meditation On The Moon
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The Meditator is transported to the moon. 
Take a seat, close your eyes, and join him.

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thanks !!
Rosimeire Antonio - December 21, 2012
Its a figure of speech ..Deepak is trying to get everyone to expand their minds in a relaxed state the daily challenges dont make them stress to snap ....:)
Lisa Whitney - December 20, 2012
Caroline O Sullivan - December 20, 2012
Zeth Li - December 20, 2012
Loved it!
Ian Caton - December 20, 2012
Many thanks for the reminder.....
Lori Lamb - December 20, 2012
it was nice relaxant - thank you for it :-)
Annette Hesselbarth - December 20, 2012
I\'ll try it. Something got to help this cold.
Jeffrey Levin - December 20, 2012