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Ask Deepak - Does Climate Change Threaten The Survival Of The Human Race
Joined by David Gershon, founder and president of the Empowerment Institute, Deepak Chopra addresses climate change and social action. 

They argue that by taking collective action, we can make an impact on the world and on our environment for the better. Gershon addresses some of the key components of social change, which include protest, personal growth, and education.

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yes climate change and result in pole shifting =D
Ree-Roshan Ros - November 22, 2012
Deepak you are my hero!
Nasreen Begum - November 22, 2012
Haarp!!!, check or org!
Pratima V Bungsee - November 22, 2012
Dear Deepak, I have set up the site \"I take the Vow Ning dot com\" for you, initiating a General Gift Exchange. Under pressure of severe spam I had to leave that site. But still working in the background of it. NOW it is time for YOU to give this site the REAL possibility of being able to exchange not only gifts in the form of pictures and virtual love but also in the form of real money. It is YOU that has always said that money should flow like blood in your body. NOW do something about it in establishing a real possibility of donating on that site to ones own favourite charity
YourSoul - November 22, 2012
If I am for instance not allowed to donate to a very worthwhile charity in India (YOUR country of birth) through PayPal, then something is wrong in your native country!!
YourSoul - November 22, 2012
John Greene - November 22, 2012
You bring it all nicely together Deepak. Am back at the base of the pyramid of Maslow. As long as radical poverty of so many people in the world still exists, the future of our whole race is not certain. Having basic needs met and getting a reasonable education are the first things to take care of. Am from 1945, born just after World War II. I know this from experience. So this is the first thing the whole social network world should pay attention to!! Then please ENABLE online donations through reliable sources on the INTERNET!!
YourSoul - November 22, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving Deepak...Namste\' love u
Kat Kathy - November 22, 2012