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Ask Deepak - What Is Social Change 2 point 0
In conversation with David Gershon, founder and president of the Empowerment Institute, Deepak Chopra discusses social change, sustainability, and personal growth.

Gershon specializes in behavior changes and social action, and together they identify ways for people to change their lives and change their communities. Even the small changes go a long way!

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Indeed, not travel so much around the world both of you!! If you want to change start with yourself. Am just a simple housewife, living within my means and receive everything I need from my Universe in my direct environment. I have everything within walking range, from shops to the doctor, to walking in a nice park etc. \n\nIf you want to connect nowadays do it through the social media on the Internet. Ruling the world from my couch :)
YourSoul - November 22, 2012
أنت رائع دكتور
Su Su - November 21, 2012
Dear Deepak, please help others to see this. You\'re influential, and if anyone can make this more well known it\'s you. Namaste. <3
Valerie Grace - November 21, 2012
Thank you Deepak. Keep up the good work!
Mona Delfino - November 20, 2012
love & peace
Ingelore Sehn - November 20, 2012
@ cemil dingens.....playing lotto.....going to the psych..tell himmm, that you ill come moere often......funny thing .. is callled brain...lift it up.... aaan you will see our woooonderfull world
Ingelore Sehn - November 20, 2012
Change ... I would love to know what to do with this brain power of mine here ... Sumit here is under you on my screen here posting precious kids here in India ... Just bizarre here a thought I feel like am earhquake is going to happen ... chicago news here comes on posting there was an 3.6 earhquake in illinois ... Michael Beckwith he also posted this same Green here and posted you are the Light of the world ... Have a happy thanksgiving ... I am blessed with such a gift here with all these social connections all over the world ... God Bless .. Thank you so much I love reading all your post so much ...
Marlene Wood - November 20, 2012
Rosana María De Los Milagros Marchese - November 20, 2012