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The Meditator - Meditate On A Rocky Mountain Slope
Travel with the meditator to a rocky mountain side as Deepak Chopra reads the Tagore poem "Dungeon."
Take a few minutes to set your intent, focus on your breathing, and let the poem evoke any emotions in your body.

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Art House - December 16, 2012
Relaxed. Thank you Deepak!
Moshe Landman - December 14, 2012
Very Cool
Unconventional Parents - December 13, 2012
Nina Marin - December 13, 2012
Thank you :)
Caroline O Sullivan - December 13, 2012
I wish I could Deepak. God knows I need it.
Clovis Rogers - December 13, 2012
Thank you :) .... Diary of a Type A Yogi in training
Laura Kessler - December 13, 2012
I meditated 26+day 19 of mind body.. I focused on opening 2nd Chakra listening to garden tranquility...interesting I was focused on orange swirling at 2nd Chakra and what kept coming through was purple.. ❤❤❤
RevSandra Mamalias - December 13, 2012