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Ask Deepak - What Are Adaptogens
Adaptogens are substances that modulate your response to stress or changes in the environment.
Deepak examines the history of these substances and some recent studies on particular adaptogens which he has been involved in. How can these substances be used to improve our response to stress?

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Are they harsh on your liver?
dpistoltube - August 18, 2014
best take an adaptogen specific organic herbal tea or make your own herbal
hobbitful1 - June 25, 2014
What is a healthy ayervedic approach to reverse strong diagnoses of cancer
throughout body if the regular oncologist sea that heavy chemo is the only
Richard Dalton - October 26, 2013
What would be safe if you are autoimmune thyroid?
Virginia Davis - September 29, 2012
i don`t understand why you don`t look into the camera when you talk all
these bulls out of your mouth
Luca Todoca - September 16, 2012
get out the clandestine
Luca Todoca - September 16, 2012
these adoptogens you`re promoting are not working properly? block me here
as well!
Luca Todoca - September 16, 2012
why did you block me on Twitter?
Luca Todoca - September 16, 2012