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Ask Deepak - What Is Nonlocality
Deepak Chopra is joined by Marilyn Schlitz to explore the idea of nonlocality.
Marilyn discusses some recent experiments and research protocols for looking at psychic healing and seeing how the mind can be used to effect physical changes in ourselves and others. How is this possible? Why is this type of research relevant to more mainstream medical practices?

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All microscopic natural entities are demonstrably quantum mechanical, up to and including molecules. The same can not be demonstrated for life-forms, which are larger natural entities.. However, that doesn't mean they aren't quantum structures, too. Occams Razor suggests they might be. To examine the question scientifically, abandon quantum mechanics and apply quantum field theory. There are plenty of examples. The one that interests us here is the analysis of electromagnetic field dynamics in the brain. In fact, the best mathematical analysis of these dynamics that I know of uses quantum field equations.
Dan Turner - October 1, 2015
"Intellect relies on the relative to understand the real.
Genius relies on the real to understand the relative."


Thank you for the discussion.
Janamechanica - March 30, 2015
Quanta linked with consciousness? Comparing the two is madness.
Placebo effects work not only due to the belief of another wishing you
well, they work with non conscious pills and believed neutral devices.
It's nothing to do with Quantum effects and Quantum mechanics.
Nial Savant - April 1, 2014
pure bullshit for the gullible
retardedloser - February 28, 2014
Alvin Gonzalez - September 30, 2013
ok... so what is non-locality?
Svein Lomheim - August 12, 2013
Frequency matching.
seoreh - March 17, 2013
spirituality is not a belief
sotirios2000 - March 1, 2013