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Who are You - Perez Hilton Ep2. EXTENDED
In the extended interview clip, Deepak Chopra asks gossip king heartfelt questions such who are you?
What do you want? What is your life purpose? Perez Hilton shares that his life purpose is to do good in the world and fulfill his life ambition of being happy. He also shares his three heroes - Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

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LEUMAS ONEROM - September 10, 2012
It`s funny you know watching this with that guy in front of Deepak. The guy is gay Hollywood horror stock worm. \"It`s interesting that you asked me that..\" Puke. The guy looks like he`s HIV positive and considering what he`s done in his career concerning humanity at the greater level - yuck! ? What are you doing Deepak?
gsdkl93rf - August 22, 2012
It`s nice to see Perez share deep and meaningful thoughts and personal experiences. This interview gives me a lot of lessons and reflection on myself.
Jane - August 19, 2012
Spencer, you are a nutcase, Stop talking to your mother taht way!!!!
Justin Credible - August 18, 2012
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Spencer Perdriau - August 17, 2012
wtf!?? perez fugly.he looked better as a fattie..
Myra R - August 17, 2012
wtf!?? perez fugly.he looked better as´╗┐ a fattie..\n\n\n
- August 17, 2012
True total happiness is impossible. Happiness itself is connected to our intuition which helps guide us through our life lessons, and just as happiness helps to guide us so does unhappiness. Our emotions are tools to that guide us and both are neccessary for our spiritual growth. True happiness comes from within with the discovery of self and who you truly are, which is a spiritual being having a human experience. And that spiritual being is directly connected to the source of ALL abundance in this life and the next so we have nothing to fear ever.
Shidon Alford - August 16, 2012