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Holy Facts - Church of Elvis
Gotham Chopra explores the Church of Elvis, a tribute to the late, great king of rock 'n roll.
The Presleytarian Church comes complete with tenets, rituals and sacred sites, much like any other religion found in the West. Gotham compares Elvis worship with today's fixation on Madonna or Justin Bieber. Are we just a prayer away from the Church of Bieber?

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ELVIS is The Jewish Messiah !
Robert Silky Campbell - October 17, 2014
Wow I use to be an Elvis impersonator and I'm still a fan of his music but
Elvis even told a member of his audience who was holding up a sign saying
Elvis is the king he told her there's only one king and that's Jesus Christ
Rich Saeger - September 4, 2013
i wonder if anyone knows that Elvis was raised morman (LDS),
alluradawnluvzu - September 26, 2012
Am I the only one who thinks he should have named his account GothamCity?
Superphouquingbadazz - September 24, 2012
so if there was a church for soul eater would that make Asura the devil?
katiebug080592 - September 24, 2012
okay if evilis gets his own church I here by start the church of the
frickin' pokemon.
katiebug080592 - September 24, 2012
i just started it jk tha would be horible
Justin Blank - September 22, 2012
There is practically a religion for slipknot where people call themselves
maggots and the clown made a ''maggot bible''
alldud13 - September 21, 2012