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Spiritual Solutions - Dealing With Loss
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Pam is dealing the with untimely passing of her son. She asks "how do I deal with the loss of my child?" What is the process for getting in touch with your grief, anger, and other emotions?

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i can`t sleep because of the joy in me that priest onome of gave to me, have been married for the past 5 years now without no child , me and my husband have carried alot of test just to know if is me or my husband that is having the problem, but no solution until i check online and i found this great man email address, at first i thought is going to scam me but my friend told me i should just give a try that there is nothing that God can not do, that is how i gave him a try and i want to say a very big thanks to him because right now am with my bouncing baby boy. and to everyone reading this my testimonies priest Onome is a man of his word, contact him to get your problem solve email address
tyson antonia - November 4, 2014
Useless advice, totally belittled grief!!!
Kerrieberry1776 - October 21, 2013
I have lost both my older sons in the past 15 months. My 19 year old on 24 September 2011 and my 22nd year old on 22 December 2012. Both died from unnatural causes. It`s hard to look a those death certificates and know they both left this earth at the hands of another or through the actions of another. It`s devastating and numbing and of course right now I cannot make any sense of why I should have lost two sons within a year, however, I keep moving and yes, I`m also still in a sort of state of denial about my eldest. They were my world and now I have to find some way to start a new chapter in my life. It tears a mother apart.
angel-faerie - February 8, 2013
I have one son and I`ve have had the mental state if something ever happened to him...that it was his time. My son is a gift from God and there are memories that I cherish...but I know he`s a gift that God can call on any day. I would rather for him to be in God`s grace than on/in this wicked world....
Onestepatatime - February 6, 2013
I would discuss with my wife if we need replacement.
Jamaluddin Shamsuddin - February 4, 2013
It doesn\'t matter if they are 5 or 35 either!
Paula Bourque - February 1, 2013
Losing a child is my worst fear in life.
Lovee Johnson-Lundy - February 1, 2013
Stay in Gods word as much as possible...
Robbie Shoemake - February 1, 2013