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The Meditator - Flying Rug Meditation
Allow yourself to float away on a magic carpet with today's meditation lead by Mallika and Deepak Chopra. 
This simple and easy meditation is to help you set your intent for the day. Remember to focus on your breathing, ask yourself the important questions and let go. 

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Wonderfully helpful. ty
szasza - February 27, 2013
I do not spend my time in this way.
Jamaluddin Shamsuddin - February 4, 2013
it\'s a waiting game (about Sir Richard Dawkins).. which comes first: i see him being lauded in press, or i get so bored i feel like challenging his pseudo-scientific approach to reality. :-/
Ryan Bachrach - February 3, 2013
God,... Take me on a carpet ride!!!
Deborah Lynn - February 3, 2013
Magic is so lovely when you are flowing with life itself. I do apprecaite lovely words as they are your reality Thanks so much x
Christine Levy - February 3, 2013
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Adriana Carey - February 3, 2013
Been looking for this site. Ah, yes...finally home.
George Ward - February 1, 2013
Been looking for this site. Ah, yes...finally home.\n\n\n
George Ward
- February 1, 2013