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The Meditator - Cow Pasture Group Meditation
Today's meditation is a group meditation in a cow pasture. 
Mallika and Deepak lead while Gotham meditates with the group. Take a few deep breaths, let go of your agenda and ask yourself, who am I? What do I want? And let it go. 

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where r the people\'s shadows? lol
Nahid Eerooni - July 19, 2013
hmmm we have cows here do u thing it safe
Juanita Mascarenas - July 17, 2013
yes...@ Diane Harper...seriously...
Aditya Dhir - July 17, 2013
Diane Harper - July 17, 2013
Atom Heart Mother!!! Inner Peace\n;)
Vyktor Menendez - July 17, 2013
first eat animal in the name of barbeque and than meditate in front of is only the indian cow to meditate in front of....which helps depression patients.
Aditya Dhir - July 17, 2013
Girl repeats mantra-oooommmm....Cows repeat mantra-mmmoooooo.....
James Spencer - July 17, 2013
Bharati Joshi - July 17, 2013