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The Meditator - Desert Sunset
This meditation takes place in a calming desert sunset. 
Mallika Chopra guides us to breathe out the tension from the day, the week and our lives. Repeat the following "I" as you breathe in and "am" as you breathe out. 

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I need to work on my concentration!!
Shorouk al-ma - June 15, 2013
I can't say I as am breathing in. It seems to be counter intuitive
tiffany goff - June 3, 2013
Juanita Perez - January 19, 2013
I need a coach. I just don\'t know how to relax , mind and body is in fast paste.
Nadia Amin - January 18, 2013
Martha C Vinasco - January 18, 2013
love it..
Kathy Phillip - January 18, 2013
Loved this!!!!
Jan Kroupa Geisler - January 18, 2013
Sandra Weber - January 18, 2013