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The Meditator - Meadow Meditation
Mallika Chopra leads today's meditation in a peaceful grassy meadow. 
The goal of this mediation is to set the intent of the day. Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve? Think of your intent, let it go into the universe and let the universe determine the details. 

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Jarrednip - October 10, 2015
it's very helpful can I know whats the name of back ground trans
babbi rishi - July 16, 2014
My intention today is to stick to my "to do list" and use my time the right
way... to maximize my use of time! Have a great day everybody♡
Shorouk al-ma - June 9, 2013
Dave - January 21, 2013
Thank you ...
Angel Heart - January 20, 2013
thank you
Sofia Joy Roble - January 17, 2013
Thank you :)
Željka Šajatović - January 17, 2013
Thank you!
Virginia Urbach - January 17, 2013