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The Meditator - Hardangervidda National Park
Transport yourself to Norwegian Hardangervidda National Park and become one with nature during today's guided mediation with Deepak Chopra. Put your intent on your heart, focus on your breathing and let go. 

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We love these 3 minute meditation videos from The Chopra Well. Take 3
minutes and transport yourself with guided meditation from Deepak Chopra,
this time to Norweigen Hardangervidda National Park Meditation. Norweigen
Hardangervidda National Park Meditation | THE MEDITATOR Ep. 1
Balance Integrative Health New Orleans - July 1, 2014
Tyler Cook - June 24, 2014
Julián Hurtado - March 12, 2014
3 minutes of peace and happiness. Its like I am in my dream. I will do it
often. Thanx Deepak you are becoming a important part of my life. NAMASTE
Matt Lima - July 12, 2013
Eastern practitioners & converts, do less & less...sitting, accomplishes nothing.
Paul Inberea - January 15, 2013
Im going to do this. Thank you Deepak
Mary Haas - January 14, 2013
is beautiful!
Carolina Ferreyra - January 14, 2013
Yes, Mr Deepak chopra getting in the tune hmmm,understanding :-)
Neha Sharma - January 14, 2013