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Conversation With Deepak - Hardwiring The Brain
Deepak Copra talks to Harvard Professor Rudy Tanzi and Perez Hilton about hardwiring the brain through motivation

Perez Hilton explains how he lost 80 pounds. One of his biggest motivation was visualization and he rewired his brain changing how he thinks about food. Healthier food options and working out became pleasurable for him. Rudy Tanzi translates Perez’s action into a scientific explanation. As Perez intentionally changes his perception, trained his neural networks in essence, and created new synapses. 

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Deepak...I really helped myself when I taught myself how to write with my right hand. Even how I viewed my appearance changed. (was kinder)...and meditation is the missing link; been doing it for 15 years..(o: XX Joanna\n\n\n
- June 19, 2012
May I ask, how did you experience these other realities? Was it in your head? Some sort of astral projection? I`ve tried something like this to get me through grad school....pretended that I was meeting with myself in a parallel universe where I had already accomplished what I didn`t work though, as I`ve had to withdraw from school....but I`m still trying to believe I can accomplish something in my life....\n\n\n
- June 9, 2012
Very interesting! What an odd and interesting combination of people! Congrats @PerezHilton for your new being!\n\n\n
- June 5, 2012
This is really great hearing this. Deepak, I love your curiosity and the way you debate and share your wisdom with others by showing them the natural self evident nature of reality when you just take a little time to observe.\n\n\n
- June 4, 2012
I am visualising a larger penis since i was 10.Tell you something guys it doesn`t work this way...:)
Kiki Musampa - June 2, 2012
I have a new respect for Perez after seeing this. 80 pounds... wow.\n\n\n
- June 1, 2012
Changing people`s brain and their behavior through motivation is exactly what Future Directed Therapy is all about!
Dr Vilhauer - May 31, 2012
Very inspiring, would love to read something written by Dr. Tanzi for the lay person!\n\n\n
- May 30, 2012