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Ask Deepak - How Does Forgiveness Heal
When you have a resentment, grievance , feeling hostility towards anyone or if you have any of the other toxic emotions like guilt, shame, depression or fear , these emotions release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol
When you have a resentment, grievance , feeling hostility towards anyone or if you have any of the other toxic emotions like guilt, shame, depression or fear , these emotions release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones have effects on the cardiovascular and on the immune systems. You become immune compromised, even your platelets get jittery with the high levels of adrenaline and they start the clothing cascade leading to cardiovascular illnesses, heart attacks and stroke. On the other hand when you forgive and let go the burden of judgment, everything settles down and your body starts to return to homeostasis, which is self regulation and self healing.

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Dear Dr Chopra

I am seriously considering participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony, but would like to know what your opinion is on these so called healing plant medicines This is not something I just want to jump into, as I realize Aya contains the powerful drug DMT. In your opinion di you think there is really anything to gain on a spiritual level from doing this, and as a doctor would you say this is a dangerous or unadvisable practice?

Thank you
Tarryn - February 2, 2016
In meditation, I 've seen bright golden color then a bright silver color clarify. What does it means.
Kumaresan - January 28, 2016
To SW below, I forgot to answer your exact question. You know the person isn't right for you and its time to move on when you compare them to your list of ideals and wants and it is not a great match. Be very specific, write the soul mate "list" of wants and don't wants. My gut says that you like many others are allowing many don't wants and have only limited wants in your current situation. So that's it, write the list and have integrity to make sure you only accept the best! It's very, very easy to know the answer to your question, you have to know you first and what your ideal is. Peace!
Desiree - January 28, 2016
This is a reply to SW below. You said you were scared that you weren't protecting yourself enough. There lies your inner wisdom. Your highest ideal is not to withstand abuse. Figure out what you want and enjoy and make purposeful actions that harmonize with what you do want. It sounds like you know you should protect yourself. My advice is to love yourself more than the want of an abusive relationship. If inner love is reflected in the other, you could benefit from loving yourself more and protecting yourself. The mirror would change for the better. You can and should protect yourself, you know your inner voice told you so. I wish you peace while you heal and hope you will choose to engage only what feels fantastic!!!
Desiree - January 28, 2016
Hi Deepak!
After years of listening to you and many other spiritual leaders talk about love i end up with the same question all of the time: if love is something within that reflects outward and relationships are mirrors of ourselves, cant we have an amazing relationship with just about anyone, regardless who they are and if they treat us badly? If i see how they treat me badly with compassion and forgiveness i can withstand it over and over again but then i get scared that im not protecting myself enough. Secondly, When do we know if the person isnt right for us and it is time to move on if we see everything with love all of the time?
Thank you!
SW - November 24, 2015
I realize that I have judging people...without even realizing it..and I want to stop doing this..I don't know why I do this. ..maybe because feeling angry..I withdrew myself from people..normally I am not like this..withdrawing myself..I feel the earth pulling me inward..toward the ground with such great force..I do like the grounded feeling however..I believe it needs to stay at balance..I would like to learn how to balance my energies...and how not to stay so open..if neighbors fight I feel those energies in me and before you know it I am just right behind them ..with anger..I am not blaming anyone..I need to learn how to shut things..I just don't know how..please help?
Paula - November 21, 2015
Deepak, hope all is well, i have been practicing the 7 spiritual laws of success and have been feeling alot better and more in ease with myself, i want my desires to manifest with the conjuction of the 7 spiritual laws of success.
I had a question, in the 1st spiritual law of success you talk about non judgement, i wanted to clarify a little more upon that,
To my knowledge judging is labeling as right and wrong, good and bad, white or black, making a false assumption on something( person, object, situation).
Today i shall judge nothing that occurs. I have the tendecy that whenever i see a beautiful woman, i think to myself "wow that is a very beautiful woman" or opposite " wow that is an ugly fat lady" i personally think that in both statements im judging, because im labeling as good or bad, instead of letting things just be.
Or, today is going to rain, (i think i judged) i made an assumption of what could happen and what could not happen ( trying to control the present and future, least effort).
Or, that is an amazing looking car ( i labelled) therefore i believed i judged.
Or, another example, i know for a fact that someone is a thief, and i think to myself " that person is a thief" ( i think i dint judge because its a fact that he is a thief).
I think that judging excludes facts.

Please correct me if im wrong,
I want to practice non judgement to the fullest.

Thank you
Ariel - August 23, 2015
Hi Deepak

Many times I have been wondering, that whenever I feel great, conscious, aware, present, fully alert and on top of the world, I have very high Blood Pressure readings ! If I take a couple of drinks, after dinner I feel drowsy but my BP is very very normal. So my questions is: IS High BP the price you pay for feeling great ? Please answer my perplexing question which I asked several people, doctors, etc who cannot provide any satisfactory answer.
Thanks you very much.
Anand Inamdar - July 15, 2015