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Ask Deepak - How Does Forgiveness Heal
When you have a resentment, grievance , feeling hostility towards anyone or if you have any of the other toxic emotions like guilt, shame, depression or fear , these emotions release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol
When you have a resentment, grievance , feeling hostility towards anyone or if you have any of the other toxic emotions like guilt, shame, depression or fear , these emotions release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones have effects on the cardiovascular and on the immune systems. You become immune compromised, even your platelets get jittery with the high levels of adrenaline and they start the clothing cascade leading to cardiovascular illnesses, heart attacks and stroke. On the other hand when you forgive and let go the burden of judgment, everything settles down and your body starts to return to homeostasis, which is self regulation and self healing.

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Deepak, hope all is well, i have been practicing the 7 spiritual laws of success and have been feeling alot better and more in ease with myself, i want my desires to manifest with the conjuction of the 7 spiritual laws of success.
I had a question, in the 1st spiritual law of success you talk about non judgement, i wanted to clarify a little more upon that,
To my knowledge judging is labeling as right and wrong, good and bad, white or black, making a false assumption on something( person, object, situation).
Today i shall judge nothing that occurs. I have the tendecy that whenever i see a beautiful woman, i think to myself "wow that is a very beautiful woman" or opposite " wow that is an ugly fat lady" i personally think that in both statements im judging, because im labeling as good or bad, instead of letting things just be.
Or, today is going to rain, (i think i judged) i made an assumption of what could happen and what could not happen ( trying to control the present and future, least effort).
Or, that is an amazing looking car ( i labelled) therefore i believed i judged.
Or, another example, i know for a fact that someone is a thief, and i think to myself " that person is a thief" ( i think i dint judge because its a fact that he is a thief).
I think that judging excludes facts.

Please correct me if im wrong,
I want to practice non judgement to the fullest.

Thank you
Ariel - August 23, 2015
Hi Deepak

Many times I have been wondering, that whenever I feel great, conscious, aware, present, fully alert and on top of the world, I have very high Blood Pressure readings ! If I take a couple of drinks, after dinner I feel drowsy but my BP is very very normal. So my questions is: IS High BP the price you pay for feeling great ? Please answer my perplexing question which I asked several people, doctors, etc who cannot provide any satisfactory answer.
Thanks you very much.
Anand Inamdar - July 15, 2015
Please could you tell me if your gums recede is there any chance you can save them?
leanne brown - July 9, 2015
I am struggling with the idea of choosing fear versus love when making decisions. I feel that so many decisions are wrought with both fear and love and it is difficult to separate those emotions. I have tried to gear myself toward making decisions based upon love and then always come back to the idea that there is some element of fear involved in any decision. Thoughts?
Seeker - April 3, 2015
How Does Forgiveness Heal? Ask Deepak!
Com Amor! Neida da Silva Lazzarotto
Neida da Silva Lazzarotto - August 17, 2014
Dear Deepak,\n In listening to your audio books,you Speak of our immune system`s and the importance of keeping our immune sytem (for lack of a better word). Please enlighten me now on those of us who have no spleen. In 2008, my Husband ruptured my spleen and, after emergency surgery the surgeon told me \"you literally lost all of your immunities. Every immunization you received as a child are gone. You are comparable to an aids patient but without aids. If you get pnemonia, all anyone could do for you, would be to make you comfortable until you pass.\" Deepak please explain, please help me to understand where in this big beautiful universe I stand, my soul stands without an immune system upon losing my spleen to domestic violence. Educate me please. (As a side note I was 32 yrs old and was 10 days post partum.)
myuniquexpression - March 5, 2014
Forgiveness sets me free! And so it it is <3
Peter Champ
Angel IntuitiveTM
Certified by Doreen Virtue 
Peter Champ - January 29, 2014
I nurse revenge in my heart and can not forget. I never forget despite I want to forget. I see no judgment.
saleem - July 11, 2013