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Ask Deepak - Changing My Diet To Be Healthier

I changed my diet to live healthier. Ever since I made those changes though, I am feeling weaker, more sensitive and just worse overall. Can you help?

Question: I changed my diet to live healthier. Ever since I made those changes though, I am feeling weaker, more sensitive and just worse overall. Can you help?


You made a step towards the right direction. Releasing toxins out of your system though is not something that your body is used to and progress will take time. Be mindful, listen to your body and you will see that the changes you made will make a difference on the long run.

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Deepak helps us in a wonderfull way. Thank you very much!
Catalina - December 30, 2012
The BUY NOW button on the left-hand side of the web page for the Featured Book does not work. GRRRRRRR!
azdevil - November 23, 2012
You are an amzing human being... I've always admired you. Thank you for
helping others, once you have so obviously helped yourself and therefore do
not really need to do this... It is very selfless of you to share your
knowledge and again, a great many "Thanks" to you...
Cactus Wolf - September 1, 2012
I have recently discovered Anjum Anands Ayurdeva recipe book and have followed her recipes and lost 2 kgs ( an amount I have not lost in a long while so eating for my body type is working. Can you let me know if any of your books will give me more guidance in how to change my eating habits and recipes. I have read many of your books and find you are my insparations. Many thanks and regards Linda
Linda - July 9, 2012
I have just read about changing my diet to achieve my ideal weight and I am keen to start. However I work shifts and cannot achieve the ideal time to eat and go to bed to assist my kapha dominant dosha. How can I fit this into my life to make it work?
Fifegal68 - July 5, 2012
As we change and tweak our lifestyle through food, exercise, and healthy choices be mindful of your bio-individuality. Trust your \"gut\" thoughts while feeding both your primary plate (relationships & life choices) and your secondary plate with whole foods.\n\nKeep an open mind to follow your intuitive nature, trust and hear what your body requires and remember sleeping in a dark quiet place each night is vital for healthy life and especially important when we change and tweak our primary and secondary plates!\n\nSafe journeys while embracing each moment on your continuing journey.\nToodles!\nJanie Heinrich\
It is the food - June 18, 2012
I think any drastic change, even for the better, is difficult for the body to adjust to. I worked with cancer patients who embraced a macrobiotic diet and became so weak and sick they couldn`t continue. I am not saying that type of diet is wrong, I believe that any change in diet or exercise needs to be gradual and if you are really listening to your body`s feedback, you will be able to fine-tune your diet so that you arrive at the very healthiest one for you. One that brings you a life of balance and well-being. A life of bliss!\
Dr. Judith McKay - June 1, 2012
Qué opina Ud. de la limpieza hepática? yo estoy tentada a hacerlo pero me da miedo Se trata de comer manzanas y acido láctico durante 6 días y el 7ª dia tomar una purga para despedir las piedras del hígado. Podría ayudarme con su opinión?
Susana - June 1, 2012