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The Wonder of The Human Body

Deepak talks about the connection between science and spirituality to Evan Smith.


Deepak Chopra: His Book & The Wonder of the Human Body
from KLRU-TV on Vimeo.

Deepak is interviewed by Evan Smith at KLRU TV. Deepak talks about the role of science in our lives and raises questions about relationships, soul, death, consciousness and  their connection to science and spirituality. He believes that as science evolves with the human race, the way we are asking questions needs to evolve as well.

Watch the second episode of this interview HERE!

Deepak Chopra: His Book & The Wonder of the Human Body from KLRU-TV on Vimeo.

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Wow...what an amazing topic...Deepak is right on!
JackieJay - June 2, 2012
I look forward to learning more about your work
carole - May 14, 2012
Looks as if Dr. Chopra is aging! I thought he figured out how to beat aging. See, Ageless Body Timeless Mind. Oh well, we keep on churning out the next book.
mfife - May 1, 2012
Doctor,gracias por compartir conocimiento cuerpo humano, que me\nlleva a integrarlo al espíritu y tener la noción de la unidad
Tere Villar - April 18, 2012
the scientist is the science\nthe philosopher is the philosophy\nthe spiritualist is the spirit\nthe thinker is the thinking\nthe believer is the believed\nthe questioner is the question\nthe knower is the known\nthe artist is the art\nthe humanist is the human\nthe being is the doer and the `be-er` of all the above :)
heartphone - March 16, 2012
I love it !!
Angeles Leuner - March 1, 2012
QUERIDO DR. ME ENCANTA leer todo lo que encuentro de usted, y gracias a he cambiado mi vida. mil gracias. habría manera que sus twitter también lo pusiera en español xfis, xfis! abrazo de luz!
JUANIS VILCHIZ MENDOZA - February 29, 2012
I was there that day you spoke to Evan was a great show! Thank you
Kelly Lux - February 29, 2012