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Hitting rock bottom
1968 with his immigration to the US and ending with the incident that almost destroyed his career. In part one of this interview with INK Host and Curator Lakshmi Pratury, Chopra shares how he successfully restored his medical career after hitting rock bottom, but was still left unsatisfied in life and wanting more.

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What has this got to do with hitting rock bottom?
Conrad Moore - June 14, 2015
Although I love the message from "I am that", this video is a truly
meaningless, ego based discussion on nothing of relevance to existence..
ALSO (and as mentioned) has nothing to do with anything relating to any
sort of "rock bottom"... cmon DPoK!?
Not j4nk - November 25, 2014
Stepahie ... how on earth di you turn this into something about Obama?? i
mean really.
Not j4nk - November 25, 2014
Obama became the President and he wasn't born in the US. He has not
provided an authentic paper birth certificate, only an electronic
"authentic forgery".
stepahie stevens - August 6, 2014
Thanks Deepak, never get tired of see your videos. Joy to you!
yogaforeternalbliss - April 13, 2013
I love his voice and accent
Sabina Skopje - September 6, 2012
Where was the rock bottom in this video? I enjoyed Chopra's talk, but the
title was misleading and erroneous. You have lost a potential YouTube
AvicenMina - August 24, 2012
Hitting rock bottom? Barely!
Timi Boose - July 9, 2012