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The Wonder of You
 Happy New Year! Never forget how wonderful you are !
Deepak explores the mystery of your body in its growth from a single cell to a symphony of activities guided by an inner intelligence that mirrors the wisdom of the universe. 

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Hi, just to be sure and hopefully helpful. The word `Science\" is a little of in the link to this video.....The Sciecne of Survival Hangout Announcement\nCategory: Lectures And Conversations \n\nLove your website--Thank you for it.
Fidel - June 16, 2013
Thank you Deepak!
Sam - May 20, 2012
In the mist of my hockey career and my marriage ending, i decided to take my spiritual path in every day living and not just as a concept i speak about and not integrate\nIn my life! You blend spirituality in a very modern kind of way ,so\npeople in western continent can understand! It would be a priviledge to meet you one day! Thank you! Adrien
Adrien - April 9, 2012
Dear Deepak,\n\nIt is an amazing video everyone should understand and live the true life.\n\nThanks\n\nNazeer
Nazeer Azam Sulthan - March 24, 2012
My understanding of God creating the five senses in us WAS to see, hear, feel, taste and smell the outside world. Sir, you have given a new meaning to this belief of the five senses, that the answer to everything is within the self and not outside. This is something like,- the answer is in the problem itself. \n\nI am absolutely inspired and captivated.\n\nThank you\n\nLakshmiSY
LakshmiSY - March 2, 2012
What a magnificent computer we are.
marie-christine - January 27, 2012
geweldig als je hier bij stil staat
top - January 8, 2012
And beautifully expressed in your game \"Leela\"\n\nI love to \"play\" the game :)
heartphone - January 2, 2012