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Shekhar Kapur & Deepak Chopra-A Conversation-TIME is also a story...

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Excellent the bridge between savants and one`s \"higher Self\" is functional and reminds us that there are unlimited potentials ...tuned to each of us.
sun - January 5, 2013
And Since James Cameron has stated on television that his studio would produce the special effects work for an indian CLassic if anyone wants to. Much better Buddha than Mahabarata but nknethelsss the 3 would be the eprfect team and James Cameron has expressed a desire to participate.
sun - January 5, 2013
One moment. No past, no future, an eternal now. The smallest act changes all eternally. \"and loses its linearity!
shifting circles - April 29, 2012
We are Time, are we not Deepak? Time cannot be defined and neither can
Self! Simply put, I believe Time to be an experience in Eternity! We have
experiences and there is a duration of said experience and we move to
another. Without space/time there could be no Lila. No manifestation of any
kind, no play of the world as we see it. I don't think time was created,
there is only Eternity. If there was ever a "time" when Eternity could be
interrupted by time. If so, we couldn't call it such.
Debra Moore - December 22, 2011
Thank You, Deepak. It's also wonderful to hear your perspective. Although I
cannot agree with everything I do enjoy the perspective. Your humble
friend, Raymond.
Raymond Peters - December 22, 2011
@rspeters07 Thanks for all your comments. It seems any experience can be
changed through a story about it ! Love deepak
DeepakChopraGlobal - December 22, 2011
am given the choice to sort your videos on a timeline lol or a bèta to sort
it on the thread subject :) Memory not necessary anymore..
TheHeartphone - December 22, 2011
Gues there are two major kinds of time: one is linear which is totally
invented by human species to indeed give structure to our lives. And then
there is the cyclic time in which nature gives structure to our lives. And
now you have invented a third lol story time. Like this third one very
much! Since the World Wide Web came into existence we are more and more
becoming aware that everything happens at once in infinite stories :)
TheHeartphone - December 22, 2011