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Conversation with Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams
Deepak hosts Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, authors of The New Universe and the Human Future.

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My Jesus is part of this big picture. I started reading The View from the Center of the Universe, but as usual I put the book away after a few pages chapters. But the seminar in Oslo and the book started my thoughts going, and is part of my spiritual path. I`ll share, and I hope to see you again here in Trondheim. Jesus Enlightened. Maybe at Olavsfestdagene...? I`ll check out Cosmic Society.\nWhen I told my family that I`m interested in THE WORLD, my youngest son soberly told me: \"But mom, this is also a part of the world!\" :)\nI might have to move though, as I`ve been exposed to poisons/medicines/ radiation which now causes some bad symptoms off and on. Somewhat like MS. I got poisoned the first time the evening after the seminar in Oslo where Joel and Nancy participated. I`ll visit the US the next weeks, but I don`t know what comes out of it.\nMy experiences have made me very laid back, and if I die, I`ll go on a cosmic journey with my guy - Jesus. :)
Mary Potter - March 27, 2012
Think globally, think cosmically, think universally; act locally.
Ron Greenstein - March 16, 2012
astounding revelations to a commener
madhusudan - January 19, 2012