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Conversation: Leymah Gbowee and Abigail Disney
Deepak hosts Nobel Laureate and author of Mighty Be Our Powers, Leymah Gbowee, and Abigail Disney, philanthropists and executive producer of the acclaimed PBS mini-series, "Women, War, and Peace".

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Tamara Lavrovskaia - June 20, 2013
Wow! What a woman Ms.Gbowee is. I just browsed to Deepak`s site for the first time via twiter message from a follower. I saw this documented video of Deepak with my African sister and a white lady but it’s the heading of conversation with Leymah Gbowee & Abigail Disney that caught my attention. My thought was what is this sister up to? And then I left and went sleep for four hours because I was feeling queasy. \n\nI have known Deepak for many years as an Indian spiritual leader but only through interviews from Oprah Winfrey once in a while on other shows. Anyway, Leyman I just want to say thanks and praises to God almighty for another one is his wonders through child of his again. \n\nResources shall always come with the work you are set to do. You know better that God will never live you astray to struggle for resources. It’s a matter of when, not how. Leave the how to God. He provided himself the sacrificial lamb when he tested Adam and he will provide to you. You moved me to get out of my mental fear. Thank you Leymah. - April 16, 2012
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all - April 2, 2012
Deepak, I have your new book, Spiritual Solutions. I a mreading and absorbing, contemplating your words. I am so thankful for you and your teachings. For me, and I know many others feel this way, you are a wonderful example - `expression` we all call Love. May you live in peace and joy. yes, you and I are many miles distant and have not met, though we are so close. Thank you for all your do for everyone.
Mary - April 1, 2012
where can we donate?
guylaine hardy - March 16, 2012
Amazing woman. I had the opportunity to go to Liberia last month and observe some of the remarkable changes Ms. Leyman Gbowee has worked so hard to achieve. Notably, there is so much more we can do as women to transform the lives of many. I applaud her and President Sirleaf for all the work they have put forth over the years. It is my hope to execute actions that align with the overall goal of success relative to the peacebuilding efforts in Liberia. Nobel Peace Prize Committee got this one right indeed!
SEETHELIGHT - February 15, 2012
thank god for u.I LOVE U - January 31, 2012
This is so inspirational. What a fateful meeting of three giants. God bless all three on you.
Kitty J. Pope - January 22, 2012