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Reversal of Aging Part4 : Foods that Heal
Phytochemicals are healing & anti aging. Read Deepak's latest book War of the Worldviews

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good info :)
Little Light - August 23, 2014
Thanks for the video
Startriumph - September 4, 2012
@Tao33316 Processed soy milk can be bad, it all depends on how it's been
processed and where the beans were sourced. Best bet is to drink lots of
water and eat the beans whole, as they are =)
UniversalTruths - March 2, 2012
My friend, I am very interested in revitalizing my body through healthier
eating. Is there a source of good information where I can learn more? Do
you have this slide online?
Ryan Hauck - December 10, 2011
Kv Ram - November 8, 2011
whats with the owl on the shirt tho? Im sorry to ask but these days with
the owl being such a predominant image in occult symbolism, I am just
curious...I think deepak is great but I heard lots of ppl talk trash on him
saying he is new age etc....but I dunno...his book on the way of merlin
transformed me
FUbuilderburg - November 3, 2011
Thank you!
Curiosidades Extrano - November 2, 2011
Thank you. Is soy milk healthy? I have heard some that say yes, and others
who say no.
Tao33316 - October 30, 2011