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A Global Meditation for Peace- Join us August 8, 2014
Visit and sign up to be part of the global meditation event of the year, and help set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation gathering in history.

Join Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Maya Tiwari. Share now on your favorite social media #IAMPEACE

You can also join us at the epicenter of this historic event at the Seduction of Spirit retreat in Toronto, Canada. Learn more at

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Phim Tổng Hợp - November 22, 2014
I loved that movie. I still can picture the scene where the boy recognizes
the jewelry Loretta was wearing the night of the accident and realizes she
was the person who hit him in the auto accident.
Cyd Hebert - November 13, 2014
Expanding further on the preselector gearbox, many drivers did not like the
jerky change at rest. So they engaged 2nd gear just before coming to a
stop which eliminated the jerk. The lever would then be immediately put in
the 3rd gear position ready to change up. London drivers rarely put the bus
into neutral at stops and only used first gear on hill starts.
I have made it a mission to find out how the gearbox works and now after 60
years of mystery, understand its functions and know why it makes the sounds
it does and why you get the jerk upon operating the pedal at rest.
Diagrams are required to fully explain and an insight into things
mechanical and pneumatic is essential.
I have an RT service manual which has exploded drawings of the epicyclic
gearbox with the brake bands which explains how preselection is
achieved and how the gear is actually engaged when required. Each gear
requires that a different part of the gear box is held still by a brake
band. With no bands applied the bus is in neutral. It is a simple concept
but a miraculous piece of engineering technology.
The thump you get when pushing the operating pedal down is caused by a
piston inside a cylinder being moved quickly to its stop when the
air holding it against a spring is released. (Thus the hiss!) In this
position the bus is in neutral with all the brake bands off.
When the operating pedal is let up the air enters the cylinder again and
compresses the spring at the same time moving a busbar, which pulls the
brake band onto the annulus of the geartrain selected by the lever on the
steering column.
If the air in the system runs out (flag down) the bus is put into
neutral, since none of the brake bands can contact the geartrain annuli to
produce transmission of power to the rear wheels.
The gear lever itself operates a camshaft within the gearbox with the cams
set differently for each gear. These extend a strut in position for each
gear selected. The strut that is extended by this mechanism is contacted by
the busbar upon operating the pedal and the brake band clamps down upon the
annulus of the selected geartrain. This causes the bus to try to move
forward as the fluid flywheel takes up the transmission but with the
handbrake on the bus cannot move. Thus the jerk!
When the gear lever is moved the system is reset until the operating pedal
is pressed again. Simples!!!
Hope I haven't been too boring. All the best. Hope this has been helpful.

Hammondfreak - November 6, 2014
How many can I have?
Cloudblitz VA - November 1, 2014
I hope I see this pussy somewhere
drift4ever11 - October 17, 2014
I started crying and laughing. I felt so bad but so funny poor kid
Taylor Shelton - October 3, 2014
HEAVY NOSFERATU - October 3, 2014
This my awesome video I will be uploading about 2 or 3 days a week
Kaltorak Killers - September 9, 2014