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Tara Mandal & Deepak Chopra - One World

From the United Nations to her own school, 12 years old Tara Mandal pioneers equality by encouraging children to play, live and study among friends with love and kindness. Watch her ONEWORLD conversation with DeepakChopra  on #NEWSWIREFM :

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Truly The Stars Shine Brightest when it is darkest, Thank You Tara.#AWESOME The Future is in good(god)hands. Truly Inspiring; Lessons adults can embody. You should speak at the upcomoming United Nations forum.If you only knew the impact that you have on the people that you touch.~Honored and Blessed.The UN will be in AW with such a refreshing young spirit at center stage. Peace,Love and gratitude. Good Luck,Brian
BuddhaBrian - July 31, 2014
Little Deepak in the making. Very good !!
Sameer - July 24, 2014
the world needs more people like tara
Limi Lohit - July 19, 2014
Juan Nogales - July 19, 2014
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Loa Pioneers - July 19, 2014
Good Morning Friends. \nI wish you all Great Day.! \n\nTogether we should repeat this for the umpteenth time. \nI think it\'s worth it. \n\nPYRAMID of Giza is a huge drop of which no one dreamed of. \nThis \"huge\" good for us and saved for grandchildren. \n\nI think that its value exceeds all our resources. \nThe time has come to be divided equally! \nThey say the pyramids of Giza! \nThey say it on the Rights of which is governed by nature and cosmos. \nThey are unsurpassed and equal rights for all. \n There is no exception to apply, equally .. \nThis One outline \"pattern\" to follow. \nThat\'s what they say is sacred and there is no better solution. \nThis sacred geometry and mathematics \nThis is the commandment holy, and no one will establish better. . \n It Everything is governed by these laws. \n\"This\" what you see, hear, touch and feel. \n\"This\" was created for us, for you. \nJust to get this right, I prefer to use. \nAnd do not forget that others come after us. \nA lot depends on you. \nDo others hear?
Ryszard Kaminski - July 19, 2014
Jose Angel Rivera - July 18, 2014
Dream access rights to all the love and comfort and safety and we can not give him access to the children around us yet.\nWe are the world, in the world and the world does not accept retail.
Benattia Benbouzid - July 18, 2014