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Nadia Manzoor & Deepak Chopra - One World

Dancer, actress, performer, Nadia Manzoor is giving a face & a voice to young Muslim women growing up in an increasingly global, interconnected and modern world.

Watch my full interview with Nadia here:

..Nadia grew up in North London in a Pakistani Muslim home..

..Nadia went on to live in Singapore, Dubai, Boston and finally Brooklyn and NYC..

..Nadia created and acted in a hit web series, “Shugs and Fats” on MTV DESI.. the past few years, Nadia has regularly performed in a female improv group named Thirteen


..Nadia was trained at Improvolution, a Groundling’s based Improv School in NYC..

..Nadia also teaches Improv..

..Nadia is a street dancer, specializing in Popping, Hip Hop, Bollywood and Bhangra..

..Nadia graduated from Boston University with a Masters in Social Work..

About Burq Off!

..Nadia launcehed her one woman show Burq Off! about a young British Pakistani coming of

age in a conservative muslim home in modern London..

..Burq Off! is a cultural critique of the Belief systems that hinge on fundamentalism..

..throughout the piece, Nadia embodies twenty-one vastly different characters.. Burq Off! Nadia tells the autobiographical story that tracks her family’s journey towards the

tragic climax of her mother’s death..

..following the show Nadia was interviewed by CNN..

..after a first sold out run, Burq Off! will have it’s second NYC run this March..

..Nadia’s passion is tho merge the Arts with Social reform..

..Nadia’s interests lie in asking provoking questions, and challenging the status quo..

Discussing Points Nadia would like:

What is your bigger mission for the show?

What inspired you to write this show

What do you want the audience to be left with?

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Esther Jaedi - April 2, 2014
Katy Petropoulou - April 2, 2014
Keep up the good work
Pat Shaw - April 2, 2014
Jose Angel Rivera - April 2, 2014
Celina Brown
Jennifer Lee - April 2, 2014
Maha Najjarine Sarah Chaabo
Fiona Clark - April 2, 2014
Islam is a lie ... Pure and simple truth. The Book of Daniel was a Maccabee scam to make the hellenized vommunity feel guilt and re-commit to Pharisaic Judaism
Rob Beasley - April 2, 2014
if you want to achieve BIG THINGS in your life then you have to move out of your COMFORT ZONE.\n\nRemember a bird can not FLY without taking the risk of FALLING DOWN.\n\n -Sachin Sharma.\n\n(chk my page for more help and advice).
Distance Counseling. - April 1, 2014