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Arianna Huffington & Deepak Chopra - One World

As Time's 100 most influential people, Arianna Huffington redefines the road to success with the quest for health, creativity & wisdom.

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So often in modern society, we look at success as being defined narrowly as attaining money and power. Particularly in the business world, there is a tendency to forget that there should be other measures of success including health, well-being, empathy and morality. These are the things that make up the Third Metric and there is a move by many in the business world to ensure that more emphasis is places on these things. Arianna Huffington is one business leader who is speaking passionately about this move.

When Arianna recently sat down with Deepak Chopra for a One World discussion regarding the Third Metric, she emphasized the importance of her mother in introducing the concept of the Third Metric to her. “She had always lived differently by putting relations and the heart and connections at the heart of everything and I had to catch up with her and to recognize why this is the only way to live.”

The entirety of that conversation is available now on NEWSWIRE.FM and one of the more striking points about the interview is that despite Arianna’s successes in digital arena, she is fully aware that being too wrapped up in technology is not conducive to well-being nor is it conducive to continued creative success. She explains to Deepak Chopra that “It is no longer possible to dismiss the value of meditation, sleep, learning to unplug from technology and reconnect with ourselves.” Human beings need more time alone, more space for self-reflection and a time to find the sources of creativity within ourselves.

Adrianna’s new book Thrive: The Third Metric to redefining Success and Creating Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder, which will be released this month, focuses on the ways in which we must take care of their own bodies and minds to achieve success. Without our health and well-being, money and power will never be enough to satisfy us.

The Third Metric does not however only focus internally. Rather, as Arianna explains in the One World episode, giving is also a critical part of what makes a person thrive. “We can now see how giving and compassion are one of the fastest ways to happiness.” So much of what makes a person stressed is their inability to look beyond themselves and at the bigger picture. Conversely, when we focus on being giving and compassionate people, we are viewing life with a wider lens which more often than not is a way to put our own stressors into perspective.

So much of the purpose of the Third Metric is ensuring that we are viewing our own lives from the right perspective. “Very often, life has a bigger imagination than we have and we just need to be open to it” Arianna explains. Not everything will always go as planned but finding happiness and truly being able to thrive requires openness to the changes in life and a willingness to face them with genuine intentions and a clear mind.


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Real consciousness is rising on this site ~:D~
heartphone - March 27, 2014
As Time's 100 most influential people, Arianna Huffington redefines the
road to success with the quest for health, creativity & wisdom. Watch her
conversation with Deepak for ONE WORLD on NEWSWIRE.FM:
Jaime Rendón - March 26, 2014
Gavriliu Cornelia - March 26, 2014
Good luck evebody thanks for lighthings from ours inside souls
Viviana Martinezaranda - March 26, 2014
thanks 4letting us know......going to watch you rite now ;-)
Andrea Zingman - March 26, 2014
Romin Munshi - March 26, 2014
Arianna Huffington is a hypocrite AND a liar...Nama-frikken-ste
Mike Rojas - March 25, 2014
The interview talks about how success goes beyond just making money but Deepak forces you to pay to watch the whole interview. That\'s a joke and the biggest double standard by all these so called spiritual leaders!!!!
Mahesh Sharma - March 25, 2014