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Congressman Tim Ryan & Deepak Chopra - One World

Tim Ryan, a democratic Congressman from Ohio, is among those pushing to use more federal funds for mindfulness research. Stressed and exhausted, Ryan attended a mindfulness retreat led by Kabat-Zinn in 2008 shortly after the election.

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Ryan turned over his two BlackBerrys and ended the experience with a 36-hour period of silence. "My mind got so quiet, and I had the experience of my mind and my body actually being in the same place at the same time, synchronized," says Ryan. "I went up to Jon and said, 'Oh, man, we need to study this--get it into our schools, our health care system.'"

In the years since, the Congressman has become a rock star among mindfulness evangelists. His book A Mindful Nation was published in 2012, and Mindful, launched in May 2013, put Ryan on the cover of its second issue after he secured a $1 million federal grant to teach mindfulness in schools in his home district. Ryan has hosted meditation sessions and a mindfulness lecture series on Capitol Hill for House members and their staffs. The effort, says Ryan, is all about "little candles getting lit under the Capitol dome.

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Thank you ~ ☼
Lori Armstrong - March 24, 2014
Considering you\'re reported to be worth $80 million, maybe you could fund the studies your holiness :)
Alex Tabacchi - March 23, 2014
On Becaming Humans.Thanks
Nuno Rodrigues Santiago Santiago - March 22, 2014
I agree Connie
Linda Redford - March 21, 2014
Deepak Chopra & Congressman Tim Ryan discuss a Mindful Nation. Watch now at
SacredTouch Reiki - March 21, 2014
I would be even better if major corporations would contribute to this endeavor.
Connie Fawcett - March 20, 2014
That\'s really great. The more politicians have that insight, the better it is. Very well done.
Jan Behaeghel - March 20, 2014
This man is the real deal! Heard him at the I Can Do It Conference in D.C. put on by Hay House. I\'m sure his ideas are very threatening to those who are live from a place of fear of the different & unknown, but I have confidence that a major awakening is taking place!!!
Karen Warner Brown - March 20, 2014