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David Gorodyansky & Deepak Chopra - One World

David Gorodyansky is the co-founder and CEO of AnchorFRee, a security software company. Forbes Magazine named Gorodyansky one of America's most promising CEOs under 35.

David was profiled in Inc. Magazine's "30 under 30"..

1. There is a tangible economic benefit to focusing on

this issue in your business.

• With more than 11 million U.S. adults falling victim to identity

fraud annually and an estimated $110 billion lost to cybercrime,

online privacy protection couldn't be more important.

• You're twice as likely to be a victim of identity theft than have

your home broken into and six times more likely to have

your personal data compromised than be injured in a vehicle


• You're installing security systems, locking sensitive documents

in vaults, and clicking your seatbelt regularly. Why aren't you

as vigilant when it comes to protecting the online privacy and

reputations of your businesses and employees?

2. Tell us about the ARAB SPRING

• During the Arab Spring, David was instrumental in the field of

online privacy, which has been recognized by the media.

• HotSpot allowed many protesters in Egypt, Turkey to gain

access and use social media website, which were censored by

the government

• The use of Hotspot Shield increased from 100,000 users to

1,000,000 users overnight.

Gorodyansky, who raised $52 million from Goldman Sachs in 2012,

runs a virtual private network that hides Web-surfing data from


AnchorFree created the well known product Hotspot Shield,

which allows users to surf the Internet privately by creating a virtual

private network

Business Insider named David's company AnchorFree the Most

Important Security Startup of 2013..

HotSpot Shield won the Appy Award for Best Online Security/

Privacey Application..

..HotSpot App was awarded Softonic's 2013 Best Apps of Mobile

World Congress..


..while a student at San Jose State University, David co-founded

Intelligent Buying Inc..

Make data privacy and digital responsibility a part

of your daily habits. Bringing these issues into the workplace

conversation is an essential component for building awareness about

an increasingly urgent issue for the worldwide Internet community.

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Deepak Chopra & David Gorodyansky discuss secure hotspots & the impact his
company had on revolutionaries worldwide. Watch full interview on:
The Chopra Well - March 4, 2014