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Michael Bronner & Deepak Chopra - One World

Digitas, Upromise & Unreal Candy Founder, Michael Bronner uses social mission as a basis for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

..Michael founded the digital-ad firm Digitas Inc. which he sold to Publicis..
..Digitas grew to become one of the leading global interactive marketing agency in the USA..
..Michael also founded Upromise..
..Upromise helps to make college more attainable for middle class families..
..10 million families enrolled in Upromise the largest..
..Michael & his sons founded Unreal Candy..
..Unreal Candy’s mission is to be a catalyst for change in epidemic of obesity and diabetes..
..UNREAL doesn't use any corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, genetically modified organisms, or preservatives..
..Unreal Candy investors include Khosla Ventures of California & Boston-based Raptor Consumer Partners..
..Michael serves as Strategic Partner of A2aMedia, Inc.
..he also serves as Board Advisor at ScoreBig..

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Deepak brings to our attention so many creative and unique humans Thak you for sharing your time to broaden our percetopion of what humans can sense and be. Namaste`
elan - February 27, 2014
Manfred Delgado look. Bronner is our customer from fisher island. He was interviewed by Chopra.
Manfred Delgado - February 25, 2014
Michael Bronner Deepak Chopra discuss UNREAL Foods and the use of social
mission as a basis for entrepreneurial endeavors. Watch full episode on
The Chopra Well - February 25, 2014