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Dr. Neil Theise and Deepak Chopra - One World
A diagnostic liver pathologist and adult stem academic in New York City, Professor Neil Theise is considered a pioneer of multi-organ adult stem cell research.
Watch the full interview here:

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Thanks. I wonder if he does any work with people with type one diabetes?
@abellt1d - February 10, 2014
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Distance Counseling. - February 8, 2014
Why not make the interview free. Why commercialize such great insight!!
Mahesh Sharma - February 8, 2014
Very good information.
Teresita Castellano - February 8, 2014
Dislike! (via
Kumara Swamy H B - February 7, 2014
:) <3 :)
H Abdullah Maulani - February 7, 2014
Bradley Pesson - February 7, 2014
Jose Angel Rivera - February 7, 2014