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CONSCIOUSNESS - A conversation with Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff

Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff take an in-depth dive into the science of consciousness.

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deepak is an ass hat
Rayvvvone - April 16, 2015
OMG! Yes! Finally a video with Chopra conversing with another quantum
theorist discussing the marriage of quantum physics and consciousness cited
with directly observable experiments! I want to hear what the skeptic
channels have to say about this one! You know, the ones who say the Deepak
is full of word salad and bullshit dressing. Tell me how the aforementioned
theories in this video are any kind of 'word salad' or 'bullshit science'.
Astral Lexicon - April 9, 2015
Yes indeed, ALL scientist now agree that the universe is EXPANDING at an
ACCELERATED rate. Again folks, use your own commonsense. How does anything
accelerate.? Try this simple experiment. Get in your vehicle, drive onto
the freewaty and set your cruise control at say 50 mph.

Now, how is it possible to accelerate from 50 mph up to some higher speed.
In other words, how does acceleration take place? You would have to step on
the gas pedal...correct? Ask yourself the additional question...what does
stepping on the gas pedal entail. Are we not supplying additional energy
from an EXTERNAL source, namely the gas contained in the gas tank which
introduces said gas into the engine which then is involved in the
combustion process, which increases the energy within the engine.

In other words, BEFORE acceleration can be produced, energy has to be added
from an external source. Now, how can the universe be expanding at
an accelerated rate, if not receiving energy from an EXTERNAL

So here we go again...who or what is providing this EXTERNAL energy, which
is a NECESSITITY, for producing acceleration?

You be the judge.
Pat Baptiste - April 8, 2015
Gee!...what a bundle of illusionary rambling.

Listen up folks, forget EVERYTHING you've heard in this video thus far. Let
us instead look at a very basic formula, INSPIRED by and given by Einstein.
In his Inspired revelation, Einstein gave us the formula which states, that
EVERYTHING is energy. This was later proven through the use of quantum
physics - matter can be converted to energy and vice versa.

This is the formula based upon which modern science is based. Let us now
take said formula and divide both sides by c2. In other words, given that
E = mc2, dividing both sides by c2 results in E / c2 = m.

Using the WISDOM and understanding that you were created with, ask
yourselves, what this new formula is telling you. How about this idea /
concept? What said formula tells me is that "m" (mass or the matter world)
was created AFTER, some kind of energy (E), which was REDUCED in vibration,
by the speed of light SQUARED.

In other words, BEFORE matter could be produced, this energy "E" had to be
first reduced in vibration, by the astronomical factor of the speed of
light squared. In REALITY, there could be NO matter - no material universe
- if this primodial energy "E", was not first reduced in vibration.

Here then comes the Galizillion dollar question...who or what caused /
produced the REDUCTION in vibration of the promodial energy E?. which
obviously existed BEFORE the physical / matter brain was developed?

In other words the formula E = mc2, simply tells us what happened AFTER the
big bang.

On the other hand, the formula m = E / c2, reveals to us what already
existed BEFORE the big bang occurred because the energy "E" had to be
reduced in vibration before matter could be produced.

So once again, who or what provided this reduction in vibration and why? As
we learned in elementary school, if one expression of an equation is
considered to be true, then ALL other expressions of the original formula
MUST also be true. In other words, if we consider E = mc2 to be true, we
must also accept that m = E / c2 is also true otherwise the original
formula becomes null and void
Pat Baptiste - April 8, 2015
Chopra reminds me of a parrot all he does is regurgitate previously stated
comments by Dr. Hameroff.
Farley Boy - March 29, 2015
deepack chopra is one of the most influential people in this century.great
mind ,great ideas his name it's not American ,borak hussein obama too but
guess what he is the president of the United states. by the way 90per cent
of phD candidate s are forghn born.sorry for all the racist.
Mohsen Mkadem - March 6, 2015
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