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CONSCIOUSNESS - A conversation with Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff

Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff take an in-depth dive into the science of consciousness.

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i just have a small question to what was said in the last segment of the
video, that after death there may be a temporary consciousness and then it
may be recycled as in reincarnation,, so what if , in case, ( i mean if
made possible) , that if a person dies, and what if after his death, and
after the temporary consciousness phase, when it is time for the
consciousness to recycle, what is , there was no vacancy left on this
earth, like no more child birth ever, so where would this consciousness go,
and what would happen to it being recycled?? please do comment
Mukesh Chhetri - June 26, 2015
Thank you Dr Hameroff for your brilliant work on Consciousness being a Quantum Experience.....your work has brought a common sense to my own experience of consciousness...One night July in 1982 I had a profound out of body event when I felt like a distinct bubble of energy of about 2 or 3 inches in diameter.....I moved through time and space by using my Will Power.....That night,in West Hampstead,London I left my body 3 times,each time going a little further away from my corporeal body and amazingly I was able to move through matter such as the wall of the room I was staying in and find myself ''floating''. . close to the ground on West End Lane....after some few seconds I would seem to begin to move faster accelerating and going upwards creating soon as I felt the fear I was back in my body but fully conscious though in Sleep Paralysis....this happened as I said 3 times .It was an incredible moment in my life but to most people it was gobbledygook or just an intense, for me it was as real as the air that I breath or the skin on my body....A year after that I had a Kundalini type experience(so some people have told me) where a ball of energy formed in my abdomen and moved up through my body and settled in my forehead just above my eyes but behind my felt exactly like the bubble of consciousness I'd felt I was during my Out of Body experience.....this time the ''bubble'' stayed with me for about three weeks before it began to slowly
dissipate and disappear.During that three week period in 1983 I felt very connected with Life and I became very creative writing many songs(I had never really written a song before then) that I still play today and my guitar playing improved immensely....This 3 week period changed me at a very deep level and my memory of those events in1982 and 1983 remain as clear today and seem to correspond perfectly with your descriptions of Consciousness being like a Bubble of energy that exists or functions at the Quantum level.....thank you for making my life less lonely and helping me understand what happened to me in 1982 and and peace Richard Thompson....
richard thompson - June 14, 2015
god, dont put hammeroff in league with Chopra; his credibility is already
under enough fire...
StevenGaspard - June 11, 2015
*Deepak Chopra* & *Stuart Hameroff* on *Consciousness*
#Awareness_ScratchABuLLy | #Awareness 
Angel Cruz - May 31, 2015
The only issue which bothers me, is that Deepak is very distracted, and not
present at all on this video
Art Taw - May 29, 2015
Gabrielle M. Wald - May 24, 2015
I keep hearing Sympathy for the Devil.....woo woo....woo woo....woo
woo...woo woo...
fiveredpears - May 15, 2015
I am a 33 experiencer I have been seeing it for months now. Is there a
reason why this ends at 33 minutes and I watched the whole thing and wasn't
aware until it finished lol. I understand completely what they are both
saying. Its hard to implement this way of view in society though because
people are so ignorant
Novae Terrae - May 9, 2015