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Spiritual Solutions - Finding Peace in the Big City
Jaleh recently moved to New York City from Indiana, and she is wondering how she can find peace in a big city. Deepak encourages her to find peace within through meditation and mindfulness.

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS is a new video series that helps viewers develop answers to life's greatest challenges from a spiritual perspective.* Each episode features world-renowned author Deepak Chopra speaking with people from many locations and walks of life -- from Union Square in New York to Venice Beach in California. Upload video questions for Deepak from your corner of the world and he may even be answering your question in an upcoming episode. The series will provide tools and strategies to enable you to meet life's challenges from within and experience a sense of genuine fulfillment and purpose.

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hi peace, what\'s your name? Sanity. How nice...i\'d like you to meet the rest of my day...stay... and walk with me...we can go where peacefull waters flow
Leslie Grace Swiednicki - August 5, 2013
Is this the real Deepak ? Be happy brother Deepak. I`ve read two yours books and i like it, friend. Thanks for them.Greetings from the Republic of Bulgaria in the southeastern part of the European Union.
Куай Ченг Кейн - August 5, 2013
Dive in..Life is mouvement...& sometimes take time to center in inner peace. But not fight against the mouvement...It\'s Life! Even in Big cities :)
Avra Healer - August 5, 2013
u just dn what u love to do...
Doc Anuran Bhadury - August 5, 2013
Words on paper may not come easily, but a painting journal can be a way to express feelings, thoughts.
Ceci Eppinger - August 4, 2013
Actually living within the city is one thing, quite freeing, just walking everywhere keeping grounded....whereas commuting, whole different story
Nicole Lauren - August 4, 2013
How? You MOVE... LMAO hahaha:)
Nicole Lauren - August 4, 2013
nothing is ever without experience
Joyce Rothwell - August 4, 2013