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30 Days of Intent - Past Lives
In this "unusual" episode of 30 DAYS OF INTENT - Natalie and Iman meet with past lives expert Michael Hayes for a reading into their previous incarnations. Michael tells them some incredible insights from their past lives - see what Natalie and Iman think of the reading! Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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sunitayadav - July 1, 2014
I believe Michael Hayes because I am a clairvoyant who is also able to read
such (though lately, haven't been reading past lives as much as present and
what is coming).
Sarah S. - April 18, 2014
A big part of my moving forward in this life was realizing we had past
lives and accepting it fully. A good read to understand it is Brian Weiss,
"Many Lives Many Masters". I was seeing a therapist that used this type of
Past Live Therapy and my life will never be the same. Feeling Blessed
Jennifer Steward - March 28, 2014
But time is actually not a real thing, just for us and our mind on lower
levels. But for the soul or god for example. There is no such thing as
time. Speakin of there are no past lifes. Because 'past' doesn't exist.
Other lifes yes. But they happen all at the same time, because everyone
who'll ever exist, exist now or exist in our imagined past, is just another
me/you. Because we are all god, experiencing himself. If we know that -, if
we're aware of it or not makes no difference.

Karma exists in the context of what you do, you'll get back. But it doesn't
follows you to another life. Why would god do that to himself?

We are waves in the ocean. Come and go but never gone.

Grayson - Rock Your Life - February 2, 2014
"If a person dwells on the past, he/she will rob the present, but if a
person ignores the past, he/she may robs the future"~Master Po
CNV NIRO - September 20, 2013
Karma is one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism. But this person is
not clear explaining to Iman and Natalie that all Karma cannot be cleared
or wipe out from a person. If Karma can be cleared out completely or sins
can be forgiven completely, the first person to say was only Buddha. With
72 unique levels of wisdom he had known 2600+ years ago. Life after life do
exist, nobody can deny that. Some actually can see your past life through
spiritual contact which is what he is doing here.
CNV NIRO - September 19, 2013
season 2 please!! :) <3
Jessica Kang - July 24, 2013
I miss this show so much and so deeply that I can't even put it into words.
watching every episode made me grow as a person and contemplate the life
i'm living. Hope so bad you'll do another season (even though Natalie and
Iman were GREAT and I don't see how it could get any better)
Chews10 - July 11, 2013