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Deepak & Sanjiv Chopra on Brotherhood - Part 2: Dharma & Co-existing Cultures
In "Brotherhood," a new memoir by brothers Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra, the brothers reveal the story of their personal struggles and triumphs as doctors, immigrants, and brothers. In the second part of the series, the brothers talk about the difference between Indian and American ideology and share the story of their mother's generosity to a man who robbed their family.

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We could have been Bikram.
Beatriz Guerrero - February 5, 2015
I love you deepak ,you're my role model
Mohamed Taha - July 18, 2013
i enjoyed listening to your honest candid stories and felt like sharing as
well. I am deeply fascinated by your family and admire your parents for
raising such wonderful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Teaching at med school sounds awesome. (minus the computer stuff HAHA)
Namaste!!! pls pardon my rambling. i live vicariously through your
teahings,anecdotes etc..
TahitianBliss - July 17, 2013
i may not have a legacy to leave... i'd like to open a recycling facility
here in this small town, but i need guidance and know not who to talk to.
If i leave no legacy, i pray that i came here on earth to finish learning
what lessons i must learn (i know which ones) after 5000 yrs...and return
to cosmic consciousness for good (light goal with no strong desire) my life
is mostly meeting my basic needs and of desirelessness. i wanted to be a
zero like Gandhi once, but middle way best 4 me
TahitianBliss - July 17, 2013
my dharma used to be a very noble one, and i could still pursue it, but a
series of life events has made me want to stay in solitude. I love to knit
and plan to work from home and do some artisan shop events- i am choosing a
much simpler life. it may not be as noble but i wish to be happy and this
is what keeps my sanity and happiness. i used to make a lot of $ and all
those friends today are absent. today i have very few friends,my faith
tradition and my 2 service animals as loving companions
TahitianBliss - July 17, 2013
لا الا باللانجليزي :)
Mohamed Taha - July 17, 2013
Thank you for watching!
The Chopra Well - June 27, 2013
Thank you for watching!\n\n\n
The Chopra Well
- June 27, 2013