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Spiritual Solutions - Finding the Right Path
Addison is nineteen years old and isn't sure what he should do with his life. He hasn't narrowed down his next steps. How do you find the right path, he asks? Deepak poses this question to Addison: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do to find fulfillment and express yourself? When you ask the right questions, life will move you in the right directions.

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I saw this video a few months ago and put it into practice. All I can say
is WOW! Thank you sooooo much Deepak. I have been working as a health care
professional for the last 15 years but I was never fulfilled with this
work.I was trying to find something else but kept looking in the health
care field as I already have 2 related degrees, but with no success. After
doing your questions for I while I had started to notice strange
coincidences. People kept asking me if I was a designer,I met a person who
came to my house and asked me if I would come and decorate his flat ( for
money!). I kept noticing design magazines everywhere and by chance I
clicked on a link for a Design school open day. I signed up just out of
curiosity,don't even know why. When I went there it was the happiest day of
my life. I realised I used to spend hours browsing in furniture stores and
I always loved decorating but never thought that I should do this as a job.
I can't thank you enough just for all the feelings of happiness I had since
discovering my purpose
Jonny - June 15, 2014
Hello!! \nThank you very much for your advices in the video, because it is true that many of us do not aks ourselves these questions and probably waste our time without doing what we can do the best if we had all the prosperity. This 5 minute time to think about is essential and do us good... Thanks again for your sharing your knowledges!
Anna - January 4, 2014
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Sabrina Tom - September 12, 2013
The article r usful 2 control wandering mind
DCMishra - July 25, 2013
well, it has to be more than just either bow or bow out. buddha himself it is said did not expect slavish acceptance of everything he said. there is a middle way. deepak himself must allow for that, surely.
Stanley Lippman - July 21, 2013
This is only for those who like & respect Mr. Chopra...not for those morons who feel the need to make smart ass remarks...keep your idiotic self out of here if u don\'t like what he says.
Samantha Richardson - July 21, 2013
I was just thinking that this morning...This world is so sickning...
Sheki Williams - July 21, 2013
Mema Devi - July 21, 2013