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Spiritual Solutions - Scientific Proof of a Spiritual World
Linda asks Deepak, "Is there any validation that the spiritual world is real?" For Deepak, "spirituality" simply means consciousness and awareness. Without awareness, there is no world. This world is, indeed, the spiritual world. Fairies, gods, goddesses - these are just aspects of our own minds and emotional worlds. 

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There is a spirit world i have found out for sure , my wife passed away a month ago she come lay on me at night i felt the air spin around me and her spirit layed down on me before it happend i had electric impulses on my neck i was wide awake every time it has happend every night at first iwas very scared but now i wait for her one night she come lay on me five times

Steve Gallenger - November 9, 2015
I have personally explored the entire gamut of religions, have read many books on the occult, studied astrology indepth, and demonology. I believed that I had a personal relationship with Jesus, ect. I came to the conclusion that nobody knows nothing about where we came from or why we are here. Here`s the bottom line concerning faith; You can believe in something from now until the end of time, but that does not make it true. Believing in something is one thing, but actually knowing something to be true is quite another. Man is desparately seeking to know his/her origin and as a result willing to believe in anything that may explain it. For me, science is the only tangible hope for discovering the truth of our existence. We are but infants in space and time. S.Castleton
Auragama - November 11, 2014
That`s a silly response.
Drew - May 16, 2014
Regardless - ones reality may be hunger or despair. When that reality becomes overwhelming a new one is created. The body and the mind seek survival. We are exposed to inner and outer tides. Men and women go through body changes and cycles. The world around us goes through cycles of prosperity and hunger. There is a perfect time for love, for peace a time for sorrow. The truth is like a prism -it does not change - we can change the direction of the light through the prism. Produce a magnificent spectrum of colors of the imagination. \nA man or woman in hunger or despair can imagine a feast. One in the desert often sees a mirage. It is simply a kind act of the mind. The mind gives us hope it reminds us our circumstance is temporary the tides will eventually go in our favor. We meditate and pray patiently until this happens. Anxiety is going against the tides, go with the tide like a master surfer. Ride the waves to your hearts content.\n It is my belief the mind can see beyond circumstance, the mind is connected to all that is around us and within us.
Duke717 - April 13, 2014
Keep it simple. What is the hurt or negative to believe in God? No matter where or how you were raised, no matter what your belief or non-belief may humble opinion is as such. To believe in God (and let`s say he doesn`t exist) will only benefit and make not only your life more positive and meaningful, but also your peers around you. The one shot you have in life, you lose nothing! (But!!! If God exists you have everything to gain just by believing in Him and using your God given right of free will. You will have a resting place of eternal life through Him. Not complicated. Win win in my book.
Mathias - July 18, 2013
world is nothing but awareness.
Dr. ashok gupta - June 28, 2013
Our conscience cannot explain things beyond far our physical plane... Some kind of faith is useful.
Manoel Neto - June 25, 2013
yes I can give proof of spiritual world . Spirituality can be completely explain by science and can also take us beyond spirituality . zones unexplored by mankind .\na few seconds ago · Like
dinesh sinha - June 24, 2013