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Are You Addicted? | The Rabbit Hole

Deepak Chopra explains how the brain functions when a person develops an addiction and how they can overcome that behavior. Do you notice an addictive pattern in your life? Can you recognize a behavior that will help you overcome it?

Find out more about the programs our Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center in Vancouver.

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osamamuzamil - February 28, 2014
Mirela Pavliuc Sariu - January 26, 2014
I am addicted to taking my blood pressure, every day morning and night.I suffer with high blood pressure, and having problem with medication. Not beening able to cotrol my blood pressure, most times my bp is over 200/108/120. I am needing urgent help.thank you.I have got some of you tapes and books I have a great respect foue what you do, please send advice, what will help me,
Joyce Farthing - January 21, 2014
Wonderful video from +Deepak Chopra "Are you addicted?" 
Sourav Ghosh - January 15, 2014
Wonderful video from +Deepak Chopra \"Are you addicted?\" \n\n\n
Sourav Ghosh
- January 15, 2014
Great inspiration! Get rid of harmful dependencies is a beautiful thing. Gives a sense of achievement and self-confidence. I managed to get rid of all of my harmful addictions expect for one. The last one is coffee. At first I thought the cigarette is the worst, but now I think that coffee is that. I want to learn everything and have a very suspicious nature. Whenever I am reading a book and feeling myself tired I drink another coffee and continue reading. It is not accidental, that I cannot put down a book. I want to end up with them. Now I am reading the book of secrets ... I do not know how I will get rid of this addiction. Over time, it can cause even heart attack. I have already tried to drink tea instead of coffee more than once. It didn`t work. I really like the taste and smell of coffee as well. I need to replace this habit with something or I will be in trouble in the future... This was the main reason why I started to meditate.
btomesz - January 13, 2014
Timzo Hlobo - January 12, 2014
Is your treatment centre for smokers too?
Mary Contrary - January 12, 2014