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Urban Yogis - Russell Brand on Addiction and Yoga
Urban Yogi's host Eddie Stern interviews comedian and actor Russell Brand about his transformation through yoga. Brand discusses how yoga helps him deal with his sex and substance addiction, and how yoga has changed the tempo of his life. 

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To overcome addiction is a major achievement.

"I've sent men much stronger than you to their grave." - Miss Heroin, Peggy
myempathy - July 9, 2015
Russell Brand's Story - Overcoming Addiction Through Yoga | URBAN YOGIS
Solventdemares Insight - February 1, 2015
הקשיבו למה שהאיש אומר
Nili Landesman - December 17, 2014
What has coming from Essex got to do with becoming hooked. So what there's
loads of addicts. I guess he's original in the public eye. Nevertheless
well done for finding Yoga/ meditation.
Daniel Walks - October 15, 2014
I personally think he is an idiot for swallowing those ideologies..
redrumax - September 6, 2014
Brian Hermelijn - July 15, 2014
....Yes, but so much purification still needs to be done Russelll...don't
think you're arrived...
shakti Purusha - June 30, 2014
Other comments ...
Just shut up...!
Colette Pippa - May 21, 2014