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The Secret of Creativity | The Rabbit Hole

Deepak Chopra explores the dynamics of a creative life and relationship of creativity and age (we don't have to lose our imagination as we grow older!).  How do you keep your creative spirit alive even as you progress further into adulthood?

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During the time I was listening to Manifesting Success, I had the impulse to record an extremely difficult Brahms scherzo, from piano sonata op. 5 #3.
I am a teacher of classical music, though I perform for my adult students, I don't memorize the pieces. At 71, I had decided that I could no longer memorize very difficult pieces, and was a new piece to me. There was no younger version of this music in my memory. I was wrong.
Well, I had the intention, and the courage to complete this project!. I put it on YouTube for my students and friends. I would send it to Deepak if given the opportunity. It's about 6 minutes long.
Recording a live performance took three sessions, and was hard on my arthritis, which, by the way, got better the more I practiced.
This has made a huge difference in my life. The ripples are enormous!
I wan to shout this to the rooftops.
Thank you Deepak and Oprah. I am eternally grateful.
Julia Hawkins

Julia hawkins - April 19, 2015
In adulthood, we need to integrate our knowledge and skills into a new skill of our time to communicate with the younger community. We have to remember that we need to be patient like those times in our past. Ordinarily we forget that we need to review things regularly because we are busy in daily routine jobs we have and it swallows our time unavoidably in order to stay refreshed.
We have to be more patient than before, but it seems that we become less!
Farnoosh - March 15, 2015
thanks for the education
Robowolf - March 14, 2015
J Mavrik - November 16, 2014
If anything is possible
Then is it possible
For something
To be Impossible?
Lucy toorbenson - June 22, 2014
The elder we get- the more opportunities for responsible transformative
innovations which is productive to the individual and collective growth .
Bonny Paul - February 1, 2014
Nice - amazing- that;s what I realized in my path and still continuing.
Bonny Paul - February 1, 2014
true ! you've changed my life :) it is possible :)
Kamancheh - November 23, 2013