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Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Picking Your Battles
Do you allow a two-piece bathing suit but prohibit sleepovers? Value math over music homework? The hosts discuss situations in which parents must pick their battles with their kids and determine what values to promote over others.

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these parents are obsessed with using their children to meet their needs.
It's not about YOU its about what's good for your child.
Enrich Your Life - July 28, 2014
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Hugo Noriega - June 1, 2013
Since I shifted to view my children as the leading edge of human evolution, things are running much smoother. Cooperation is forthcoming on its own and battles have all but ceased. If I want a different result, I must change how I think, it has nothing to do with my children - they will respond differently to me, once I have changed my thinking patterns.
Alaniya Patton - May 30, 2013
Gracias por estos vídeos me ante ayudado mucho....
Teresa Cuevas - May 27, 2013
Getting them to keep their bedrooms and the rest of the house clean! Pick up after themselves. I have 2 teenage daughters. They do no chores.
Barbara Plunkett - May 26, 2013
Em minha casa ....voce Deepak Chopra...e a unica razao de batalha ou discussao que valha a pena lutar.Sao os pontos de vista que vc coloca que gera polemica....bjs
Rosaly Malucelli - May 26, 2013
That\'s good _ \'Perfectly Imperfect\' ! Reminds me of a recent Text sent to a friend _ \'Imperfect man in the image of GOD ? So GOD is Imperfect too ? With maybe Perfect Intentions . Who knows !\'
Frank Novello - May 26, 2013
I am getting ready
Claude Robinson - May 26, 2013