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Spiritual Solutions - Anger and Irritability
Veronica recognizes that she struggles with anger and irritability. How do we deal with anger?
Deepak emphasizes that anger is "remembered pain." He encourages her to get in touch with anger, see where it resides in her body, and write out her feelings in a journal. In the moment, take three deep breaths, observe the feeling, and let it go.

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Anger is a new feeling to me. For 30 years I wasn't in touch with my anger.
Now I feel it and dosen't know at all how to deal with it or relate to it. 
hejvacker - February 2, 2015
So here's my question Deepak: If there is any merit to Vedic thought and/or
Ayurveda in particular, why is there such widespread poverty and starvation
in India? Inquiring minds want to know.
SuaveDave - September 15, 2014
A Kumar - September 6, 2014
Repay every dollar you have scammed, apologize, and disappear. This will
help us all deal with our justified anger and irritability toward you.
GeuwgleSuxBallz - June 7, 2014
Quackery, pretty much sums it up. Or should I say woo woo.
Douglas Deveau - June 7, 2014
Being imperfect and doing things we later regret is OK. Growth IS painful,
and often its not pretty! I've done some terrible things in my life, we ALL
have, and despite this I live my life without regrets by being able to
learn from my mistakes and being open to change. It makes no difference who
you once were, that's in the past and is NON-EXISTENT. Only who we are in
the here and now matters. We are human BEINGS (present tense).
ramzevans - July 28, 2013
"Every human being does what is best for themselves and society". That's
semi true, but why have you lied? Why have you hated? Why have you coveted
instead of thanking God for what you have? Why have you blasphemed? Only
the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus can wash away all that
uncleanliness. All other methods will leave it half way done and you have
to do the rest. In the old testament is was 'Do to Be'. In the new
testament it's: 'Be to Do'. Religion says Do. Jesus says Done.
McChulo - July 28, 2013
Think of a see-saw. On one side sits your rational judgement, and on the
other, all the hormones and stress-chemicals your body produces during
moments of rage, fear, or stress. The best way to re-balance the scale is
to leave the situation temporarily. Even 5 minutes will do the trick. Being
alone and away from people allows you to re-align and contemplate the
"why". "Why did I respond that way?" "Why does that affect me?" "Why am I
placing so much emphasis on this issue?". Remember: BREATHE.
ramzevans - July 28, 2013