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Holy Facts - Extreme Devotion 2
What's the most extreme thing you've done for your faith? Gotham continues a popular theme from last season's HOLY FACTS to discuss more examples of extreme devotion from the around the world. If the crucifixion rituals don't completely shock you, then just wait for the baby throwing. There's no limit to what people will do to show their devotion. 

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13 days the damage that you literal minds and actions have caused will be
due, especially those who gave birth to this ritual that dagger at her
throat will be shattered he who yields the dagger shall be turned on your
reflection by your hand it shall be delivered self inflicted.
Thefaceoftheword - March 16, 2013
This is a case of Majority Rules.I have to much to say on this issue. It
actually give me a headache. Bottom line is people will always believe they
are right about what their belief is. You don't have to watch them or
believe them, just use your own judgment. What's right for them is not
always right for you, but it does not make it wrong. If we were all to
follow the same path, we would not be so different in so many ways. Do we
really want to all look alike, be alike think alike????
BabyM Jones - March 9, 2013
TarotEveryday - March 6, 2013
whoa! that really is devotion! i don't think i could whip myself like that
superflysquirrel - February 25, 2013
whoa! that really is devotion! i don`t think i could whip myself like that lol.\n\n\n
- February 25, 2013
Maybe religion got too extreme. Maybe we miss the point. Don\'t toss your kids, fear of falling is one of the first human fears. Terrifying babies is not cool. Neither is masochism. Common sense humans.
Julia Mallett - February 25, 2013
Sandhya Devi Jhowry - February 22, 2013
Esta es devocion extrema. Amor no fanatismo.
Teresa Cuevas - February 22, 2013