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Color and Perception | The Rabbit Hole

Are colors fixed qualities, regardless of who is doing the looking? Deepak Chopra addresses the fluid nature of perception, so dependent on the perspective from which reality is experienced.

We may all agree that what we see is "red" or "blue" or "green," but who's to say these words describe exactly the same experience for everyone? And how about for a dog or a bee? Perception is relative, and reality, as it turns out, may be mind-made.

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So, why don't we create something better? No cancer - no earthquakes- no Islamic state terrorists- no hunger - no poverty?
Maria Rasulo - March 29, 2015
You can take it a step beyond mind.We are vibrational energy expressed as a mixture of freaquencies giving rise to mind and matter. Your physical being has an electro magnetic current. It can be measured with a simple aultometer.
James Wall - March 29, 2015
Rosanna O'Mara - March 29, 2015
"perception is relative". Is that relatively true or absolutely true ?
Roger Goltz - March 29, 2015
Colette Ficklin
Tom Ficklin - March 29, 2015
asi es
Tere Ortega - March 29, 2015
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They listen to your minds.

George Shams - March 29, 2015
traduction en français s'il vous plait merci <3
Patricia Esteban - March 29, 2015