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Color and Perception | The Rabbit Hole

Are colors fixed qualities, regardless of who is doing the looking? Deepak Chopra addresses the fluid nature of perception, so dependent on the perspective from which reality is experienced.

We may all agree that what we see is "red" or "blue" or "green," but who's to say these words describe exactly the same experience for everyone? And how about for a dog or a bee? Perception is relative, and reality, as it turns out, may be mind-made.

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They listen to your minds.

George Shams - March 29, 2015
so are you saying we are creating our own reality of our life on this planet? I remember in philosophy class in college one theory was we are creating our whole life like a movie. Is this the same?
Colleen - March 28, 2015
As always, I appreciate your interesting lessons.
Monica Garces - March 26, 2015
'Reality as it turns out is mind made' 
Rebecca Paul - March 26, 2015
Wonderful ~ thank you so very much ~ Namaste' to all ~ ♥
Lori Armstrong - February 7, 2015
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