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  1. @BuddhaBrian/Twitter.com

    Love and Respect, Deepak, for a lifetime of true service to humanity. You are The Worlds Guru,Guru to the Stars amongst stars. The Great Humble,Spiritual Leader in our Lifetime, YOUR Buddha, YOUR Rumi, Your a modern day Einstein. Never before in History have We Reached a level of CosmicConsciousness, and honor to connect in this lifetime. Love You Deepak

  2. Buddha ( Brian)

    Question of the Day, Why is Fear so Paralyzing,? There is fight and flight and the that moment of Paralyzation? Is it Thought? Disiffering the level of danger? Thank You, Love and Infinite Blessings, Brian Hernandez

  3. Chela Lightchild

    After a few brain injuries, I needed to develop lots of new neural pathways. The ones I`ve been able to rebuild with your help are much better than the old ones. The Path is clear to me , the journey is effortless and filled with joy and peace. Life is presenting me with what I have wished for, doors open, and a teacher has appeared. My heart is filled with gratitude .

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